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Randme GPS quatix

Tootekood: 010-01040-51

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Kasutades Garmini juhtivat GPS-tehnoloogia, Fenix tagab põhjaliku navigatsiooni ja jälgimis funktsioonid ning samuti reisi teavet, et juhatada teid retkel. Seadme sisseehitatud andurid kuvavad teile informatsiooni teie kõrgusest merepinnast, teie liikumis suunda, õhurõhku ja palju muud. 

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Designed for avid mariners of all types, from dinghy racers and kayakers to big sail and power boaters, quatix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator marine watch. It’s the only GPS-enabled device that provides an incredible range of marine navigation features including automatic MOB detection, remote control of Garmin equipment, and streaming NMEA 2000® data to a navigating marine watch.

A highly accurate watch, it also includes sailing features never before combined into 1 watch, such as race countdown timer, virtual starting line, tack assist and tidal information. It's also equipped with an automatically calibrating altimeter and barometer, a 3-axis compass, temperature sensor and tide information. Plus, it shares data wirelessly with other compatible Garmin apps.

Stream NMEA 2000 Data to Your Wrist

When paired with a Garmin GNT™ 10 NMEA Transceiver (sold separately), you can wirelessly stream and view NMEA 2000 data, such as wind speed and direction, water depth, and more right on your wrist.¹

Specialized Sailing Features

The quatix combines advanced sail racing tools for unparalleled awareness and a competitive edge during a racing competition. quatix can easily set up a virtual starting line between 2 GPS waypoints. It then combines the starting line with the built-in countdown timer to calculate both distance to the line as well as desired speed and burn time available, which enables the vessel to cross the line at maximum speed at the exact starting time. Once the race has begun, the watch then switches to Tack Assist mode and indicates whether the vessel is getting headed or lifted based on the optimal tack angle provided and makes for a more efficient and controlled sailing experience.

Autopilot Remote Control Functions

This amazing watch also features built-in remote capabilities. It allows you to control a Garmin autopilot so you can move around on the boat while having information and control on your wrist.

Automatic Wireless MOB Activation

Should a crewmember wearing a quatix fall overboard, quatix will automatically send an MOB alert to the chartplotter (requires GNT™ 10 NMEA Transceiver sold separately).

Plan or Review a Journey at Home

With HomePort™ marine planning software (sold separately) you can plan or review your adventures from your Windows® or Mac OS® computer. Create your course and download it to quatix.

Or, if you want to be even more mobile, you can wirelessly connect with an iPad®², iPhone® 5 or iPhone 4s for use with BlueChart® Mobile. (BlueChart Mobile sold separately.)

¹Requires optional GNT™ 10 (sold separately).

²iOS 6.0 and later.

WAAS enabled NMEA 2000 Compatible

  • Garmin quatix™
  • USB arvutijuhe/Laadimis Klamber
  • Toalaadija
  • Rihma Vahetus Komplekt.
  • Hele Rihm
  • Tume Rihm
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